Hypnotherapy​ IN FRINTON

Coping with Anxiety and Stress

 Many people find that the stresses and strains of everyday life cause them to become anxious.

 Many more find themselves becoming anxious due to specific events in their lives. It might be relationship problems, bereavement, loneliness, money troubles, unhappiness at work or a wide range of other problems.

 As result, some people will find themselves feeling that they don’t seem to be able to cope with life, that they find it difficult to get up and go out of the house, that they feel that they are responsible for every little thing that goes wrong and perhaps suffer panic attacks in stressful situations.

 If you do feel like this you should consult your General Practitioner.

 But as part of your therapy you might wish to consider hypnotherapy, which is a drug-free way to liberate your mind of some of the concerns that make you feel anxious.

 In between two and four sessions I can help you to cope better with the stresses and strains that are making you anxious.

 Anybody who can imagine and daydream can experience hypnosis…and it has brought relief and greater empowerment to multitudes of people around the world.

 You can  press the refresh button on your mind in Dovercourt or Frinton-on-Sea. To book a session, see the Contact page on this site