Hypnotherapy​ IN FRINTON


“I would recommend David for hypnotherapy as he has made me whole again, after a really bad experience in hospital leaving me with major panic attacks and feeling about as low as any one could be, to the extent of being scared of ones own shadow. I turned to David for help, and even after one session he made me turn my life around. Seeing the light at the end of a tunnel is fantastic, I will see him again but I have not had one panic attack, a small wobble but I can control that. I cannot thank him enough for his help and would recommend him to any one. Helen (you can get my number from David I'll gladly help thank you)” - HW

"'He got his smile back'. I just wanted to thank you so much and let everyone out there know what fantastic results were achieved when my 17 year old son came to see you for hypnotherapy.  He had noticeably changed over the last few years and gone from being a chatty, confident happy person to someone who was quiet and withdrawn.  We finally sat and talked and he admitted that nothing made him smile any more, that he had confidence and self-esteem issues and that he needed help.  You were recommended to me through a friend and my son agreed to give hypnotherapy a go.  
What can I say, one session, and my beautiful boy has got his smile back and the twinkle is back in his eyes.  I think the funniest thing is that he hasn’t even noticed the change in himself. Thank you so much David, I can’t believe that just one session has made such change." - AQ

"Before coming to Dave for hypnotherapy my anxiety levels were so high I didn't know how I was going to leave the house each morning...I had no self-belief or sense of self-worth ...After the hypnotherapy sessions I am now enjoying my life again. Thank you for what you've done for me, Dave" -  SM

"I have been seeing David for a few months now for both relaxation and short-term pain relief and I cannot praise him enough for the help and relief he has given me...by helping me ease my pain so I could get restful sleep. I've now had an operation, but without David I don't know how I would have coped" - JM

"The course of hypnotherapy I have had has made an amazing difference to my way of life. David made me feel so very relaxed and positive. I will continue with hypnotherapy with him every few months, as I find it has helped me in so many more ways than just the weight-loss that I initially wanted help with...and I have lost over 2 stones !" - KB

​"When David suggested trying a course of hypnotherapy via Skype, I was intrigued if rather sceptical about its effectiveness. In short I am very, very pleased to have been proved entirely wrong! The course has boosted my self-confidence and determination, enabling me to focus on achieving my goals; with the added benefit of feeling calmer and more empowered" - TB

"David has been such a support through a difficult time. He is so naturally concerned and keen to help, using his talents. He is a natural hypnotist and his voice is reassuring and effective. I look forward to my sessions and he is making me stronger, so I feel that I can cope with whatever life throws at me next. Thank you David!" - JP

​"Thank you for helping me with my anxiety about driving. Since my session I have been driving one hour a day to my new job and I drove for one and a half hours tonight, and I was fine. I have been listening to the recording you made for me and although I don’t fancy the M25 soon, I’m really OK. Thanks for your help, it has really been invaluable" - KS

"After 33 years as a smoker, and with a smoking habit of between 20 and 30 cigarettes a day I went to see David to get his help to quit. After a single session with him I stopped smoking then and there. It is now six months after the initial session and I am still a non-smoker, thanks to David" - DC

"I went to David for help to overcome my emetophobia (fear of vomiting) which had caused me to suffer panic attacks whenever I was confronted by vomiting (either mine or others). After one session I strongly felt that the phobia had been eliminated. A week later, my friend at work had a virus and was violently ill. I heard and smelled her being sick and then went in to clean up after her, with no bad effects. Since then my other half has been unwell in the night and I didn't have a panic attack! Yay!" - GR

"just wanted to tell you that I’ve had my holiday in Jamaica. I swam daily in a small cove where huge pelicans would circle and swoop down and dive for fish. I was absolutely fine. Just a few weeks ago I would never have sunbathed in that spot without getting in a terrible state. But all was well and now I have no problem with birds. I’m absolutely chuffed to bits and very proud too. So I thank you very much for your help. " - JC

​"(My holiday) was great and the flight was great, a little anxious taking off but managed to relax throughout even with turbulence on the way home. I would now go as far as saying I’m not frightened of flying I just don’t particularly like it. Thanks for your support." - EL