Hypnotherapy​ IN FRINTON

Fears and Phobias

 Do you have a phobia or an irrational fear? Is it restricting your life and stopping you from enjoying things that most people take for granted?

 People have phobias about almost everything. They can cause anything from mild inconvenience or embarrassment to complete debilitation in your everyday life.

 They can cause all kinds of physical symptoms, and yet phobias exist only in the mind…so they need a solution that is in your mind as well.

 A course of  hypnotherapy will include some form of progressive relaxation induction, together with powerful post hypnotic suggestions and may use regression techniques to explore childhood events which might have created the fear or phobia.

 Anybody who can imagine and daydream can experience hypnosis…and it has brought relief and greater empowerment to multitudes of people around the world.

 ​You can press the refresh button on your mind in Dovercourt or Frinton-on-Sea. To book a session, see the Contact page on this site.