Hypnotherapy​ IN FRINTON

Quitting Smoking


          It damages your health

          It costs you a fortune

          It is seen as an unsociable habit

          It controls your life

…and what is the upside?


 What would you give to stop this disgusting, dangerous and filthy addiction?

 A little of your time and a small fraction of the annual cost of maintaining your nicotine addiction?

 Hypnotherapy is a drug-free way to liberate your mind of this unhealthy addiction, and it has been recognised as one of the most successful ways to STOP smoking FOR GOOD.

 If you are willing to commit yourself to turn your back on your addiction, in one session I can help you to kick the habit and become a NON-SMOKER for the rest of your life.

 Imagine the benefits:

           Improved health

           Longer life expectancy

           Money in your pocket

           Greater control over your life

           The admiration of your family and friends

 Anybody who can imagine and daydream can experience hypnosis…and it has brought relief and greater empowerment to multitudes of people around the world.

 You can press the refresh button on your mind in Dovercourt or Frinton-on-Sea. To book a session, see the Contact page on this site