Hypnotherapy​ IN FRINTON

Self-confidence and Self–esteem

 Do you find yourself questioning every decision you make?

 Do you feel that every little thing that goes wrong is your fault, when you KNOW that it isn’t really?

 Do you hesitate to express an opinion even when you know that it is a sensible opinion?

 Do people put you down and refuse to take you seriously?

 Would you love to put some of these people firmly in their place?

 Would you like to be someone whom other people look up to and respect?

 Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in boosting your self-confidence and a drug-free way to liberate your mind from the obstacles that it has been putting in your way, and which have undermined your feelings of self worth.

 In between two and four sessions I can help you to build or re-build your self-confidence and allow you to enjoy life and gain people’s respect.

 Anybody who can imagine and daydream can experience hypnosis…and it has brought relief and greater empowerment to multitudes of people around the world.

 You can press the refresh button on your mind in Dovercourt or Frinton-on-Sea. To book a session, see the Contact page on this site